Managing Warehouse Employees

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1 Communicate clearly with your employees. To run a successful warehouse operation, you’ll need to listen and respond to your workers. Consider implementing an open-door policy for any employees with questions or concerns. You can also allow workers to make anonymous comments or suggestions via a comments box. This will allow you to deal with employee complaints before they become serious problems.

2 Interview qualified candidates. Look for potential employees who conduct themselves professionally and are skilled enough for the position. Once you have several applicants for the position, make a hiring decision based on their applications and interviews. Involve the appropriate supervisor in the decision. He or she may have good insight in picking the right applicant.

3 Train new employees. Once a new employee has been hired, you may need to help them get started. This may involve supervising their training or performing parts of their training yourself. You may want to show them around the warehouse and introduce them to other supervisors with whom they may be working.

  • Make yourself available in case new hires have questions while they are settling in.
  • Retraining may also be required, as processes within the warehouse’s organization may change. Make sure to schedule time for retraining each employee if this is the case.
  • You can also cross-train employees (train them in more than one role) so that if one employee is ill or fired, others can temporarily take their place.

4 Give feedback and performance reviews. Meet with all employees regularly and review their performance. This is an opportunity for growth an encouragement. Talk to the employee about his strengths and reward excellent performance and behavior. Discuss ways in which the employee can improve, address any weaknesses or bad behavior, and make a plan for improvement.[

  • You may also ask supervisors for input regarding employee performance.
  • Make sure you follow up with any corrective actions.

5 Fire employees when necessary. Letting employees go is never easy, but a good manager recognizes when doing so is necessary. The important thing is that the manager fire the employee in a professional manner and do the firing him or herself.

  • Consider firing an employee if they consistently ignore safety procedures, show up late for work regularly, skip work, show up intoxicated to work, fail to complete tasks in a timely manner, or otherwise disrupt warehouse operations on a regular basis.

6 Keep up with employment laws. Workplace and compensation regulations change frequently, so it is important to monitor changes and implement them as soon as possible. Make sure to look out for changes in state or federal laws that could have anything to do with your warehouse or employees. You may be able to follow these changes more closely by subscribing to a relevant trade magazine.

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